Roche Diagnostics to offer supplies and equipment through

Through the marketplace Roche customers will have access to pre-negotiated contract pricing and real-time product availability information. The functionality is designed to streamline the procurement process for end users and enhance Roche's service level to its customers.

"The decision to connect into medibuy's marketplace enhances the richness and reach of data for both customer and supplier," said Martin Madaus, President and CEO of Roche Diagnostics. "Gains in efficiency, which up to this point have been inconceivable, are now a real possibility and will profoundly impact the supply chain."

The medibuy marketplace allows customers to budget, source and purchase products in a secure, Web-based environment. Through a number of e-commerce services, including auction, catalog, RFP and equipment services, healthcare facilities using the marketplace are able to increase supply chain efficiency.

"We are proud to offer our buyers well recognized and respected brands in healthcare," said Dennis Murphy, President and CEO of medibuy. "As a leader in diagnostic healthcare products, we welcome Roche Diagnostics to our growing list of suppliers."

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