Seven things to consider when approaching planning

Its never too early, or too late, to improve planning

As the year ends, now may be a good time to reflect on the past years planning. What kind of results did you get from it? How can you do it even better for next year? Here are some considerations to get you thinking more clearly.

  1. The environment in which we operate continues to change constantly. Given that a lot is changing, what are the key questions I need to answer to define the strategy? How can I gather information to clarify these issues using research, analytics and insight?
  2. How can I ensure that every element of my plan and budget has a strong evidence-based business case that outlines all assumptions and provides evidence of return from all activities?
  3. I must ensure that I get additional input from other departments as I create the plan to ensure I am being realistic in my assumptions and take all factors into account.
  4. I will define my SMART objectives for my brand and for each and every activity I list within the plan. I will also add in measurement approaches for every activity and then return to these after implementation to ensure they were successfully met.
  5. I will not ignore other options. If I state that the optimal approach is X and the CMO says compared to what, I will have the answers and facts to back up those answers.
  6. I will be aware of my own biases and not let my passion for specific programs get in the way of a realistic evidence-based evaluation of each program.
  7. I will be more open-minded than last year to alternative options and will not blindly follow what has been done every year since the beginning of time but will analyze each option without bias and be open to change.



With these clearly in mind, go forth and plan. 


For any questions on the above steps or ways to go about them, please contact Dr Andree K. Bates of Eularis,

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