Richman Chemical implements processPoint marketplace

RCI, an independent broker of sourcing and contract manufacturing services for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, will implement Sequencia's processPoint Marketplace (, an Internet-based business-to-business collaboration and trading exchange, to manage RCI's projects, streamline its workflow and deliver rapid custom manufacturing and intermediate sourcing services.

Under the terms of the agreement, RCI is implementing its full contract manufacturing business on processPoint. The agreement will allow RCI to extend its independent outsourcing to a broader audience.

"With the processPoint solution, we can dramatically accelerate our delivery of contract and toll manufacturing projects," said Edward Richman, founder and President of RCI. "The functionality within processPoint will significantly reduce our customers' time to market and strengthen our customer relationships. processPoint's technology platform will allow us to fill open capacity at our contract and toll manufacturing plants in a manner that increases both the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the entire outsourcing process."

In addition, the two companies will work together to enhance the processPoint Marketplace contract-manufacturing database and to deploy industry B2B exchange standards. The Marketplace combines client-server based product knowledge management with Internet-based project workflow technology that enables collaborative product development, deployment and manufacturing.

processPoint solutions allow companies to collaborate electronically with internal plants, contract manufacturers and toll converters. The solutions are designed to provide the process industries with online project management and standardization of the overall insourcing and outsourcing processes.

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