Pfizer selects Strategic INFO's knowledge management tools

Strategic INFO is a provider of turnkey Web solutions aimed at accelerating the drug development process in the chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The company produces ChemX, a Web-enabled database that allows clients to identify manufacturers who match criteria required in the synthesis of a particular compound. In addition, Strategic INFO also produces ChemX Analytical and SiteX. ChemX Analytical is a Web-based tool designed to capture, search and analyze capabilities in the analytical services area. SiteX is a Web solution designed to enable pharmaceutical companies to identify and review optimal clinical trial and candidate sites.

Under the terms of the agreement, Pfizer will collaborate on research with Strategic INFO for the creation of new Web-based tools designed to aid the pharmaceutical industry. Pfizer also plans to utilize existing Strategic INFO applications worldwide.
Strategic INFO has retained rights to all its technology and will continue to market to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical industries.

"Pfizer's selection of the ChemX technology as a platform to improve its productivity related to research and development serves as a validation of the applications we offer to the pharmaceutical industry," said Mark Gianturco, CTO at Strategic INFO. "We look forward to the collaboration with Pfizer's world-class operation and Strategic INFO's promising technologies. This collaboration positions us to expand our own research and development efforts in support of application releases planned for fiscal 2001."

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