Merck orders robotic compound repository from The Automation Partnership

The facility is designed to enhance Merck's ability to share samples with scientists throughout the company. It is expected that the facility will come online in 2001, and will house Merck's collection of chemical compounds within TAP's Haystack automation system. The system will consist of 24 robots for storing, processing and dispensing samples taken from Merck's chemical library. The library is based on Merck's historic collection and a growing stream of new chemicals synthesized by combinatorial methods.

"This management system will be organized, fast and flexible, increasing our ability to share samples and information in order to support breakthrough research and identify more new drug candidates," said Kevin Chapman, Senior Director of Combinational Chemistry at Merck.

"We are delighted that Merck has once again chosen TAP to supply a strategically important automation system," said Richard Archer, TAP's CEO. "Our relationship goes back 11 years and we are pleased to receive Merck's continued business by providing state-of-the-art technology and a proven track record in automation for the life sciences industries."

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