CB Technologies launches e-research business unit

The company's new e-research strategic business unit (SBU) will focus on new tools and services, including the MetaTrial electronic data capture (EDC) system and the myMetaTrial Management Portal, designed to automate the clinical trial, data management and trial management processes. According to CB, portal technology allows its users to track an entire portfolio of clinical trials and assess their viability, enabling them to make faster decisions about which to pursue.

"Portals allow organizations to take data that is available electronically today and transform it into critical, timely information that is available immediately to all parties involved in the clinical trial process," said Sam Hume, CTO at CB Technologies. "Its an easier way to deliver integrated information and facilitate better decision making, quickly without significant re-engineering of existing processes."

MetaTrial is designed to give its users wider flexibility in selecting a robust, secure EDC system that consistently performs. Three architectures allow study sponsors to select the system that best suits each site within a study.

"We recognized that companies conducting clinical trials globally couldn't always depend on the Internet," Hume said. "Some areas of the world have highly sophisticated telecommunications infrastructure, where others lag tremendously. We developed CB's signature hybrid system to accommodate any telecommunications scenario. The system automatically defaults to online data entry, but if a connection is lost, interrupted or cannot be made, work continues offline without disruption."

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