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The PSP Masterclass

By taking a psychology-first approach, this free webinar will help ensure you get it right every...

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Blockchain as pharma’s ‘trust catalyst’

So, blockchain offers a route for greater trust. But in this free webinar we’ll be going beyond...

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The Next Generation PSP

This is a free webinar about how to bring the next generation to us more quickly. We will discuss...

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The rep of tomorrow, today.

Your reps may have sales skills, and your MSLs may improved access and therapy knowledge, but that’...

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Christian Isler: Value Added Services - Key elements to consider

Christian Isler, Former Global Head of Product & Solution Development at Pfizer, talks to...

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Practical steps and advice on how to become customer-centric

Mark Petersen, Head of Global Digital Marketing at Boehringer Ingelheim

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The evolution from SFE to Commercial Excellence

Dr. Christoph F. Schmidt, Coroprate Vice President and Global Head of Commercial Excellence at...

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Build long-term partnerships with your key accounts to drive performance and boost revenue

Anja Schmidt-Fink, Head of Key Account-Channel Management and Member of the Board at Novartis,...

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Market Access

Explore the use of RWD to address clinical development and benefit/risk issues

Daniel Rosenberg, Head, Epidemiology and Observational Studies, Actelion

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Smarter use of data to evaluate performance

James Harnett, Senior Director, Analytical Sciences Lead, Pfizer; speaking on using data to...

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TALLER: Market Access & HEOR como parte del proceso estratégico

Ruben Gennero, Global HEOR & Growth Markets Director, Teva

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Insights, Ecosystems, and Outcomes: Using Data to Drive Value Based, Personalised Healthcare

Brett Davis, General Manager, Converge HEALTH, Deloitte and Sebastien Burnett, Director, Deloitte;...

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Description of the IMI EHR4CR project efforts on how to re-use electronic health records for...

Johann Proeve, Global Development and Strategy Advisor, Bayer HealthCare

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Improve data accuracy and timeliness in your trials with the use of Electronic Health Records as...

Ken Light, EVP, Transformation and Professional Services, OmniComm Systems, Inc; speaking on using...

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Managing patient centricity based on measurement - A performance-driven perspective

Michael Howley, Faculty Coordinator at MBA Healthcare Concentration and Associate Clinical...

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Advance patient design involvement

Derek Stewart, Associate Director for Patient & Public Involvement, NIHR

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