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What can pharma steal from innovators in other industries to create a total customer experience?

How leading influencer firms have eliminated channel silos to generate customer intelligence

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The RWE Regulatory Evolution

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What has banking got to do with Pharma?

Peter Lammers, Life Sciences Consultant at North Highland & Elizabeth Searcy, Vice President at...

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Outperform clinical trial standards, use more data from patients

Anthony G Johnson, VP, Head, Early Clinical Development, AstraZeneca

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The generic difference: generating competitive advantages in difficult environments

Petr Kozel, Vice-President Sales & Marketing, Actavis Pharma; speaking on competitive...

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Patient advocacy- challenging the system

Barrie Littlefield, Head of Engagement, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

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Market Access

Panel: Patient Affordability. Bridge the gap between access and the patients pocket

Sally Cowal, Senior Vice President, American Cancer Society, Bill Goodson, Director, Market Access...

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Panel: Indication pricing - a fresh take on an old problem

Bill Dreitlein, Director of Pharmaceutical Policy,ICER, Michael Mittelman, New Product Development...

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Risk sharing agreements - How to create Real World Data to exceed payers' required outcomes

Listen to Nigel Hughes, Global Director of Marketing & Health Information Technology at Janssen...

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Escuche los planes que tienen las mayores EPS del paĆ­s y adapte su estrategia de acceso...

Elisa Carolina Torrenegra Cabrera, Directora Ejecutiva, Gestarsalud

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Save time for your investigators by eliminating dual data entry

Tesheia Johnson, COO / Associate Director for Clinical Research, YCCI / Yale School of Medicine;...

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Connect patients in all stages of clinical research to aid recruitment and cut costs

Robert Kroes, Project Lead, Clinical Open Innovation Europe, Lilly

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Optimise New Technologies to Boost Trial Recruitment

Hear directly from Sanofi and AstraZeneca on how they are leveraging different technologies to gain...

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How eSource Changes Everything for Sites, Patients and Sponsors

Ed Seguine, CEO, ClinicalInk

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