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The PSP Masterclass

By taking a psychology-first approach, this free webinar will help ensure you get it right every...

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Blockchain as pharma’s ‘trust catalyst’

So, blockchain offers a route for greater trust. But in this free webinar we’ll be going beyond...

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The Next Generation PSP

This is a free webinar about how to bring the next generation to us more quickly. We will discuss...

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The rep of tomorrow, today.

Your reps may have sales skills, and your MSLs may improved access and therapy knowledge, but that’...

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Building capabilities, talent and organizational readiness from within. Two Pfizer case studies

Emilie Bugeat, Senior Director Commercial Operations, Pfizer; speaking on transforming capabilities...

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Have things really changed that much in the pharmaceutical industry

Ron Burke, Sales Force Effectiveness Consultant at Towers Watson, talks to eyeforpharma's Paul...

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Patient input by design

Richard Murray, VP and Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Merck

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Co-Creation with Patients panel: Understand how pharma can incorporate the patient voice right from...

Henrik Finnern, Chief Patient Officer, Boehringer Ingelheim Marc Wortmann, Executive Director,...

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Market Access

Value based healthcare and the future of reimbursement

Peter Juhn, VP, Global Head of Value-based Partnerships, Amgen, speaking about value based...

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The case for Market Access leadership in brand team integration

Andrea Sobrio, Managing Partner, Executive Insight

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Work cross-functionally to unlock new insights throughout the lifecycle

Michael Seewald, Global Head of Real World Evidence, Novartis; speaking on developing new real...

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Identify the role of RWE in the perfect value proposition

Tom Abbott, Global Head RWE Capabilities & Alliances, Astellas

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Exploring new territory in patient-centered clinical trials

Elisa Felicione, Director of Clinical Trial Innovation at Janssen R&D, discusses what it means...

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Don’t let anyone misinterpret your patient’s experience of a trial. Improve the quality of data by...

Pablo Lapuerta, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals;...

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Panel: A guide to collecting data. Make better, faster decisions

Sam Hume, Head of Data Exchange Technologies, CDISC, Jeremy Wyatt, CTO and Sr. VP of Product...

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A former FDA Investigator’s perspective in quality risk management and technology implementation in...

Jonathan Helfgott, Professor, Johns Hopkins, Former Associate Director for Risk Science,...

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