Trends in Sales

In  our  data-rich,  omnichannel,  AI-guided  world,  the  personal touch can sometimes be forgotten. Yet, people like to deal with people and no interaction with or through a machine can ever be as satisfying as a handshake and conversation.

Sales reps have always been the human face of pharma, however, as the role evolves new challenges are emerging that demand new skills and a new mindset. In this magazine, we view the big trends shaping pharma through the lens of the sales force.

We ask:

  • What steps are companies taking to create the rapid-reaction, data-driven sales force needed to understand and deliver the needs of today’s customers?
  • Has CX come home? The focus on delivering a seamless, valuable experience for all customers - might have started in the marketing, but it’s returning to its natural home – the sales force
  • How can reps ensure they have a patient-focused mindset?


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