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Patients and Medical

Digging For Gold

Lucy Fulford, (Nov 1, 2017)

As Medical gets more involved in real-world evidence, what challenges does it face in proving the value of a medicine?
Access and Evidence

Under Pressure

Hugh Gosling, (Oct 31, 2017)

Pharma must lay its cards on the table and build a more transparent relationship with payers
Access and Evidence


Hugh Gosling, (Oct 26, 2017)

An expert powerhouse involved in key strategic decisions right across the lifecycle, Market Access has come a long way in a short time
Patients and Medical

MSLs: The Superheroes of Pharma?

Lucy Fulford, (Oct 25, 2017)

MSLs are pharma’s elite, with the knowledge and interpersonal skills to engage and collaborate with customers. But is pharma asking too much of its scientific superheroes?

The Digital Disruption

Adam Chapman, (Oct 23, 2017)

When it comes to customer experience in the digital space, pharma is being outpaced and outsmarted. What can the industry do to change the status quo?
Patients and Medical

Patient-Centricity: Cracking The Formula

Adam Chapman, (Oct 19, 2017)

Novartis Spain’s Cesar Concepcion is on a mission to champion the patient

Fly On The Wall

Danielle Barron, (Oct 18, 2017)

Social listening can help pharma understand their customers from a whole new perspective

The Return Of The KAM

Paul Simms, (Oct 16, 2017)

After decades in the shadows, companies are looking again at the key account management model in the hope it can help them reconnect with customers

Pharma's Moment To Shine

Hugh Gosling, (Oct 11, 2017)

President of Lilly Bio-Medicines, Christi Shaw, shares her personal experience of the US Healthcare system and how it changed her perspective on pharma’s road ahead
Access and Evidence

A Change Is Coming

Danielle Barron, (Oct 9, 2017)

Health technology assessment is building up steam in the US – and pharma needs to prepare for it