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The Site Experience: Using Technology to Advance Clinical Research

Dr Vivienne van..., (Mar 5, 2015)

Dr Vivienne van de Walle offers 9 steps pharma companies can take to improve clinical trials based on her own insights and conversations with other investigators, who agree that using eClinical technologies to collect patient data can improve compliance and data quality, and reduce monitoring time.

Ensuring Safer Drugs to Market

Dr Nicola Davies, (Mar 4, 2015)

We report on some of the key debates taking centre stage at the 8th Pharmacovigilance Conference, held recently, including the implications of emerging markets, utilizing new and emerging technologies, risk management strategies, and shifting towards patient-centricity.

The Innovation Blind Spot

Danielle Barron, (Feb 27, 2015)

Danielle Barron talks to author Ron Adner whose book “The Wide Lens” explains why the failure to focus on the entire ecosystem rather than the immediate environment of a new product is the downfall of pharmaceutical companies attempting to successfully commercialize innovation.
Access and Evidence

Real World Evidence: Maximize Benefits To Healthcare

Zuzanna Fimińska, (Feb 26, 2015)

With a staggering cost of drug development estimated at US$2.6 billion and a high failure rate of new compounds, pharma is under pressure to develop solutions that improve the R&D hit rate. Real World Evidence combined with digital healthcare might be what the industry is looking for.

Engineering a Culture of Innovation Part 1: Creating a Win/Win Attitude

Dr Nicola Davies, (Feb 23, 2015)

“For the natural born innovator, risk and failure are akin to an old, comfortable pair of shoes” - Henry Doss, ecosystem architect and co-author of ‘The Rainforest Scorecard: A Practical Framework for Growing Innovation Potential.’ We investigate how a culture of innovation can be created.

Fast and Frugal Experiments are the Way Forward

Dr Nicola Davies, (Feb 19, 2015)

We speak to co-author of The Innovator’s Method, Nathan Furr, about how pharma can enhance innovation, decrease costs, and accelerate drug discovery time frames with fast and frugal experiments in the face of uncertainty.

Clinical Trials - Pharma in the Twittersphere

Dr Nicola Davies, (Feb 13, 2015)

The merging of the modern advent of the public Twittersphere with the traditional methodology of clinical trials has provided a patient-centric, patient-driven, and patient-funded opportunity within disease treatment research.

Greater Transparency & Collaboration Critical to Drug Discovery

Zuzanna Fimińska, (Feb 11, 2015)

Scientific and organizational challenges are crippling pharma’s drug discovery efforts. Introducing new drugs depends on the industry’s ability to pool resources, cooperate, and embrace transparency.

Leveraging Big Data to simplify clinical trials and fix R&D

Zuzanna Fimińska, (Feb 6, 2015)

Pharma needs to embrace Big Data and technology solutions that facilitate trials to cure R&D stagnation.

Getting value from oral oncolytics

Adam Hill, (Feb 2, 2015)

Oral cancer drugs can offer a more convenient alternative to traditional IV therapies when it comes to treating patients, but issues such as adherence and reimbursement still need to be ironed out, while payers have to be convinced that oral agents represent value for money.