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(Mar 27, 2009)
I was recently in the US on business and I was there at a particular pertinent time in America's history. Not Obama's election or Madoff's conviction but the so-called AIG "Bonus Scandal".
(Mar 27, 2009)
Patient-centric programs and strategies can deliver improved market access, patient compliance and patient outcomes, according to a panel of industry experts assembled at a recent webinar, /Patient-centric Strategies for European Pharma/, organized by eyeforpharma in partnership with Innovex.
(Mar 26, 2009)
Relationships are critical to the healthcare industry. After all, almost everything in healthcare revolves, in some way or another, around the interaction between doctors and their patients.
(Mar 15, 2009)
The glorious days of high profit margins in the US are about to come falling down! Why?
(Mar 13, 2009)
If you haven't already seen the news, Merck has announced it will buy Schering-Plough for $41.1 billion in cash and shares.
(Mar 9, 2009)