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As patients increasingly drive their own medical care, the value of direct, two-way conversation between biopharma and patients also increases.
(Jul 10, 2011)
If you think your mission is value communication, think again
(May 16, 2011)
The concept of personalised medicine has always been at the heart of every physician's decision making process but the "one-treatment-fits-all-disease-phenotypes" is very often not satisfactory.
(Nov 3, 2010)
(Sep 24, 2010)
(May 18, 2010)
Researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine have given us a glimpse of what the future of healthcare could look like.
(May 12, 2010)
With a hardening global economy; tightened regulatory and pricing controls; massive budget cuts and layoffs; and numerous product challenges ,ensuring commercially successful pharmaceutical brand l
(Mar 19, 2010)