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The PSP Masterclass

By taking a psychology-first approach, this free webinar will help ensure you get it right every...

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Blockchain as pharma’s ‘trust catalyst’

So, blockchain offers a route for greater trust. But in this free webinar we’ll be going beyond...

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The Next Generation PSP

This is a free webinar about how to bring the next generation to us more quickly. We will discuss...

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The rep of tomorrow, today.

Your reps may have sales skills, and your MSLs may improved access and therapy knowledge, but that’...

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What’s the BIG idea – Becoming trusted partners

Jill Donahue, Author, EngageRx

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PBS Pricing and the National Medicines Policy

Penny Shakespeare, Fist Assistant Secretary Pharmaceutical Benefits Division, Department of Health

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The path forward: redefining pharma’s value proposition to survive and thrive in a new era

Lita Sands, Former Global Head, Digital MCM, Novartis

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Marty Nicholas on successful sales representatives and first line managers

Marty Nicholas, Managing Director at Blackdot, speaks to eyeforpharma's Paul Simms about what...

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Market Access

Manage the Rising Patient Out of Pocket Expenses

Kristen Santiago, Sr. Director Policy & Advocacy, Cancer Support Community Bill Goodson,...

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How to collaborate with America's most innovative GPOs to guarantee portfolio success

Jeffrey Scott, CEO of Strategic Oncology, shares his all-encompassing insight into the origins and...

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The Promise of Precision Medicine- how will it make a real difference?

Jerry Conway, Vice President of Reimbursement & Payer Strategy, Foundation Medicine; speaking...

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Precision Oncology: Are you on the Right Pathway?

Jerry Conway, VP, Reimbursement & Payer Strategy, Foundation Medicine

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Panel: Recognize why patients are engaging with their own health and how you can become a trusted...

Edward Miseta, Executive Editor, Clinical Leader and Life Science Leader, Sarah Krüg, CEO,...

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Championing Clinical Development Innovation for Multiple Stakeholders

Wendy Snyder, Director, Clinical Development, Amgen

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Better understand your patient populations and the effect of your drugs far earlier in the process...

Julian Jenkins, Vice President, Innovation Performance & Technology, GlaxoSmithKline

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Leverage big data analytics to enhance clinical trials from planning to execution

Nikhil Gopinath- Senior Solutions Engineer, Saama; speaking about using data to improve the...

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