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Developing world class incentive schemes in EMEA: Celgene’s approach to sales incentive plan design...

Scott Cullen, UK Practice Leader of Sales Effectiveness & Rewards at Towers Watson, and...

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Case Study: Change the status-quo and make real breakthroughs in engaging with the patient by...

Jutta Ulbrich, Head of Patient Engagement, AbbVie Kristin Bütecke, Head of Legal Affairs, AbbVie

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The Future of Work: Nurturing a millennial sales & marketing team

Tammy Lindrum, Head of Sales and Key Account Management, Sanofi

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Keynote: Patient centricity on a global scale

Roslyn F. Schneider, Global Patient Affairs Lead, Pfizer Anne Beal, Chief Patient Officer, Sanofi...

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Case Study: Maximise product value with Real World Evidence

Maria Kubin, Vice President for Global Market Access and Head GHEOR of General Medicine at Bayer

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Consolidation and convergence of the community oncologist - Impact of new market pressures

Matthew Aubin, Director of Product Strategy at PWC, discusses the evolving Oncology delivery...

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Modelos de riesgo compartido y pago basado en resultados en América Latina - Retos y Oportunidades

Emma Escandón Government Affairs & Access Boston Scientific Alejandro Figueroa Lara...

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Co-Presentation: Tackling Cancer with Precision Data

Kendall Miller, Clinical Product Manager - Oncology, ARUP Laboratories and Andrea Lorance, Clinical...

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The 24/7 pharma company: absorb and gain insights from the wealth of consumer health data coming...

Aman Thukral, Assistant Director, Strategy and Innovation, AbbVie; speaking on using insights from...

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CASE STUDY: Witness how Janssen’s piloted online trial advertising initiative is supporting...

Diderik Boot, Director, Clinical Program Leader, Janssen

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Optimize customer engagement and reduce cost using big data

Nataraj Dasgupta, Senior IT Lead, Data Sciences, Purdue Pharma

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Exploring new territory in patient-centered clinical trials

Elisa Felicione, Director of Clinical Trial Innovation at Janssen R&D, discusses what it means...

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