The Marketing Disruption Summit

Oct 2, 2019 to Oct 3, 2019 Philadelphia

With 200+ attendees from across both front-end and back-end: Marketers, IT/technology, Transformation Agents, Data and Field Operations, plus out of industry experts… we will discuss how to unify efforts, whilst developing strategy and processes that perform.

Organiser: Saskia Burbach

The Patient Summit USA 2019

Oct 2, 2019 to Oct 3, 2019 Philadelphia

Attend this event to get real case studies which are moving the needle and changing the relationship pharma has with its ultimate customer - giving you practical techniques across the value chain (R&D and commercial) on inspiring cultural change, delivering ROI, tackling enrolment problems, boosting adherence and improving health.

Organiser: Josh Bramwell

The Patient Summit Europe 2019

Oct 15, 2019 to Oct 16, 2019

The Patient Summit is the only event you need if you’re looking for hands-on industry examples, the critical success and challenge factors, and the answers to issues ranging from compliance to culture. No more theory, time for action.

Organiser: Kana Chia

Marketing and Customer Innovation

Oct 15, 2019 to Oct 16, 2019 London

eyeforpharma Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe will bring together 250+ Marketing, Digital, CX, IT/CRM and Business Partnership/Technology pharma executives to bridge internal divides, share the industry pushing case studies and build market-leading customer experiences.

Organiser: Michael Mayhew

The eyeforpharma Awards

Dec 11, 2019 Philadelphia

If you or your company are making an impact, then make sure that impact is maximised - and enter or nominate right now. We’ll make sure you get the honor you deserve at our glittering ceremony on December 11 in Philadelphia.

Organiser: Liz Swift

18th annual eyeforpharma Barcelona Conference

Mar 31, 2020 to Apr 2, 2020 Barcelona

The biggest and most important commercial pharma event in the world with over 1600 attendees across marketing, patient engagement, clinical, market access, medical affairs, commercial excellence, RWE, patient advocacy and digital health.

Organiser: Josh Bramwell

18th annual eyeforpharma Philadelphia Conference

Apr 15, 2020 to Apr 16, 2020 Philadelphia

The world’s greatest gathering of pharma’s value-designers with 1000+ pharma decision-makers from marketing, patient engagement, advocacy, clinical, medical affairs, market access, RWE and IT, as well as with health innovators, payers and patients.

Organiser: Josh Bramwell