Søren Eik Skovlund, Global Senior Manager within Global Access at Novo Nordisk wins the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2016.

The eyeforpharma Barcelona Awards, currently in the third year, was founded to elevate individuals and teams driving genuine change within pharma.

Søren Eik Skovlund defined his career in pharma through advocacy for people living with diabetes, and their families. As manager of Novo Nordisk’s groundbreaking Diabetes Attitudes, Wishes and Needs (DAWN) program, he connected the global health community to the stories of many thousands of patients.

The results of the program’s studies have led to many impactful changes for the diabetes community. The studies uncovered the complexity of psycho-social realities experienced by people living with diabetes, as well as shedding light for the first time on how close family members are also affected by the condition.

This knowledge directly informed the design of new medical best practices that teach providers how to work with sensitivity to these challenges. Through creating partnerships that have led to adoption of these practices into national guidelines and medical school curriculum, the work of Skovlund and his team is positively changing the lives of people with diabetes at a global level.

Prior to joining pharma, Skovlund led a distinguished career within academia. He has worked as research director in health psychology at Odense University Hospital and on behalf of the World Health Organisation to improve quality of care, mental health and social determinants of health in Europe. He holds degrees in neurobiology and health psychology and has authored numerous articles on the interface between psychosocial and medical approaches to chronic care.

By celebrating change makers, the award ceremony is part of eyeforpharma’s broader mission to evangelise the need for pharma to change its focus from selling products, to seeing the powerful opportunity that pharma has to impact and improve the lives of patients.

The awards were announced last night, and were determined by a diverse panel of industry leadership, academia and healthcare stakeholders.

For more information, contact: Emma Goldman, Awards Director egoldman@eyeforpharma.com +44 (0)207375 4312

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