Discussing a better future

Barcelona March 2016: As the pharmaceutical industry continues to focus its business model toward greater patient centricity, the recent eyeforpharma Conference (in Barcelona) provided a global platform for industry thought leaders to share their vision for a better way of satisfying their patient’s needs.

Speaking at the event, Kyriakos Zannikos, Global Head of Multichannel Marketing, Mylan told viihealth “being more patient centric is the way forward, and this also provides an excellent opportunity to explain to the general public and other stakeholders the additional value we bring to patients.”

Zannikos presented a key note speech at the event and emphasized the internal readiness of organisations to deliver on their Patient Centric and Multichannel objectives. His speech titled “Organise your team to embrace your multichannel strategy” touched on the importance of sharing the success of pilots and partnering with agencies which are able to deliver cloud based CLM and patient support solutions across many affiliates to rapidly help meet stakeholder needs. This “What” and “How” approach has enabled significant benefits to patients as well as helping his organisation position for a newer reality.

Discussing a better future: Kyriakos Zannikos (Mylan) and Kerry Gilzene (viihealth)
Discussing a better future: Kyriakos Zannikos (Mylan) and Kerry Gilzene (viihealth)


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