Infographic - Patient Adherence in the US

This new infographic puts the continuing issue of Patient Adherence into stark perspective...

Did you know that a massive $30 billion in revenue is lost each year due to non-adherence?

Yes? Ok well try this: did you know that equates to almost 50% of the entire cash reserves in the United States?..

Patient Adherence, or the extent to which a patient abides by their treatment regime, is a continuing issue globally and non-adherence is costing us all dear. However for all the talk about adherence programmes, better patient engagement and education, have you ever stopped to think about just how much non-adherence really costs?

In anticipation for 2012 Patient Summit USA, we have been giving this issue a great deal of thought, and decided it was time to illustrate just how much of a pressing issue non-adherence is becoming. As a result, our creative-types have come up with an infographic which I think you'll find puts the issues into stark perspective.

As you'll see, non-adherence remains a costly issue within healthcare, and if we can do anything to ensure it gets the attention, and the resources it deserves, we will.

Click the image below to enlarge, and please feel free to post and share wherever you see fit!

For more information on the Patient Summit 2012 download the brochure here.


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