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Customer Experience: Through Thick and Thin

Hugh Gosling, (Jan 26, 2017)

Enhancing customer experience to improve loyalty could be pharma’s next big step forward

The Art of Mastering Adaptive Engagement

Deirdre Coleman, (Jan 25, 2017)

The age of consumer empowerment is in full force and the industry must respond and adapt to customer engagement.

Successful Collaboration Lies Within

Hugh Gosling, (Jan 24, 2017)

To shape the external environment we must prepare ourselves internally, says Janssen's Rebecca Hutchinson
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Real-World Revolution Part 2

Deirdre Coleman, (Jan 23, 2017)

Changing mindsets in clinical research
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Real-World Revolution

Deirdre Coleman, (Jan 19, 2017)

Part 1 of a 2 part series: Unlock valuable insights throughout the lifecycle

The Science of Change

Dr Nicola Davies, (Jan 18, 2017)

Leaders today must understand and apply the knowledge of behavioral psychology to manage organizational change successfully

My Device, Your Data: The Concept of BYOD

Danielle Barron, (Jan 11, 2017)

Harnessing patients’ own smartphones as part of a trial is a growing trend but the road to full adoption may be a little bumpy.

Diversity Dilemma

Danielle Barron, (Jan 10, 2017)

Industry efforts to increase diversity in clinical trial populations are starting to pay dividends.

Breaking New Ground with Remote Trials

Danielle Barron, (Jan 6, 2017)

Kai Langel, Director, eClinicalHealth outlines the benefits of conducting remote trials. Does this spell the end of the clinic?
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Singing in Harmony

Adam Hill, (Jan 5, 2017)

Will EUnetHTA succeed in harmonizing the value assessment of medicines across the European Union?