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ClinPhone purchases TrialTrac

Editor, (Jan 20, 2004)

ClinPhone has purchased TrialTrac and its TrialWorks system, a clinical and regulatory data tracking software, which has gained a strong reputation among small and medium-sized biotech and pharma comp

Berlex selects Fast Track Systems

Editor, (Jul 29, 2003)

Grants Manager, a unique benchmarking and budgeting application that allows contract and finance professionals to predict and manage investigator costs and budgets for clinical trials, provides a secu

DataLabs announces clinical trial software licensing agreement with Merck

Editor, (Jul 10, 2003)

"During the pilot phase, DataLabs helped the Human Health division save considerably on data management costs without significantly changing our processes," said Jim Karkanias, Executive Director of C

Fast Track Systems collaborates with Lilly to improve clinical trial process

Editor, (Jun 28, 2003)

Protocol Designer's structured Intelligent Clinical Protocol technology ensures coherent, complete, and consistent protocols that can be

New data on clinical trial participation drivers

Editor, (Jun 24, 2003)

Participants indicated a variety of reasons that had prompted them to participate in a clinical trial, including advancing medicine or medical knowledge (54%), helping others with the condition (46%),

MetaClin's EDC software selected for central nervous system trials

Editor, (Jun 3, 2003)

"This is the best system we have used," said Mark Roffman, Vice President of Drug Development at CNS.

Tufts Center director stresses need for greater utilization of e-technologies to improve quality of clinical trials

Editor, (May 22, 2003)

Kaitin told the audience that invalid data in clinical trials, as well as the cost and volume of paper-based data collection have contributed to the rapid rise in the cost of drug development.

Improving the clinical trial process

Editor, (May 20, 2003)

That wouldn’t be a problem if it meant the industry was bringing record numbers of new drugs to market with speed.

Tufts estimates cost to develop new drug at $897 Million

Editor, (May 14, 2003)

"Drug development remains a time-consuming, risky, and expensive process," said Tufts Center Director Kenneth Kaitin.

Cedars-Sinai cancer center selects EDC solution from Phase Forward

Editor, (Mar 27, 2003)

By leveraging the power of the Internet to collect and manage clinical trial data, the InForm solution will enable the Prostate Cancer Center to streamline operations for large numbers of oncology tri