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How Blockchain Will Help Pharma

Andy Robertson, (Dec 10, 2017)

Watch Richie Etwaru, Chief Digital Officer of IQVIA, below explain how blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, can create a long-term trust improvement with pharmaceutical companies and their customers – but that we must understand the technology before it can be applied to clinical trials, contracting, approvals and more.

Four Reasons Why Pharma Struggles To Engage HCPs Online (And How To Change That)

Danielle Barron, (Dec 8, 2017)

Pharma is failing to reach one of its critical customers in the online space, says Sanofi VP, Bozidar Jovicevic

Pharma’s Place in the Digital Space

Adam Chapman, (Nov 24, 2017)

Sanofi’s Chief Data Officer expounds the possibilities of digital and the role of the CDO in this burgeoning landscape

The Digital Disruption

Adam Chapman, (Oct 23, 2017)

When it comes to customer experience in the digital space, pharma is being outpaced and outsmarted. What can the industry do to change the status quo?

Fly On The Wall

Danielle Barron, (Oct 18, 2017)

Social listening can help pharma understand their customers from a whole new perspective

The Return Of The KAM

Thomas Disley, (Oct 16, 2017)

After decades in the shadows, companies are looking again at the key account management model in the hope it can help them reconnect with customers

Pharma's Moment To Shine

Hugh Gosling, (Oct 11, 2017)

President of Lilly Bio-Medicines, Christi Shaw, shares her personal experience of the US Healthcare system and how it changed her perspective on pharma’s road ahead

Navigating The New Landscape

Adam Chapman, (Oct 4, 2017)

As pharma finds new ways to define value, the chief medical officer has never been busier. But what challenges do they face?

The Healthcare Labyrinth Of Latin America

Hugh Gosling, (Oct 3, 2017)

Understanding the complexity of the region is essential for any pharma company to flourish, says Jörg-Michael Rupp, Head of Latin America at Roche

The Sales Survival Guide

Nancy Bergquist, (Sep 26, 2017)

To deliver more valuable customer interactions, sales reps and account managers need support and training