• The evolution of community cancer care: Shifts in sites of service

    eyeforpharma Ed..., (Oct 7, 2014)

    Matt Farber, Director & Provider Economics and Public Policy at the Association of Community Cancer Centers, talks about how to consolidate your provider strategy to adapt to the changing care delivery environment and the implications of these transformations, and explains the impact of these changes from multiple perspectives: the patient, the provider, the insurer, and the manufacturer.


  • The impact of US Healthcare reform on the patient-centric research enterprise

    eyeforpharma Ed..., (Oct 8, 2014)

    David Vulcano, AVP and Responsible Executive for Clinical Research at the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), gives his insight into how recent US healthcare policy changes have an impact on patient-physician-pharma relationships in clinical research, and discusses other relevant laws and regulations and their significance for study start-up, and for patient recruitment and retention