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    Celebrating Genuine Innovation: Barcelona Awards

    Thomas Disley, (Mar 27, 2015)

    Celebrating our winners is important. It makes genuine innovation visible, setting the bar higher for others while broadening possibilities through showing what can be achieved. It also creates incentives for (friendly) competition; we are all driven by recognition from peers.
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    End-of-Life Support: The Role of Pharma

    Dr Nicola Davies, (Mar 25, 2015)

    How should we prepare for the final moments of our beloved ailing friends or relatives? How can pharmaceutical companies help? These are perhaps questions that not everyone is comfortable hearing; nonetheless, they must be asked before another and more pressing question arises - do we resuscitate?
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    Collaboration: Partnerships based on Mutual Values

    Dr Nicola Davies, (Mar 24, 2015)

    The pharmaceutical industry is currently struggling to adjust to a significant transformation in the healthcare landscape. We spoke to Robert Brinker, Key Account Manager at Pfizer, about the role of collaboration and partnerships based on mutual value, in successfully surviving this changing landscape.



  • Beyond the compliance gridlock: Are we bold enough

    eyeforpharma Ed..., (Oct 8, 2014)

    Simon Davies, Executive Director of Teen Cancer America, and Avi Khanian, Young People's Advisory Committee at Teen Cancer America, ask if we are being bold enough to play our part in creating change - with a specific viewpoint from the cancer charity sector - and look at what is needed to change the prevailing mindset.
  • Novo Nordisk Reach out to Cities in the Fight against Diabetes

    Dr Nicola Davies, (Mar 20, 2015)

    Novo Nordisk has been dedicated to advancing the treatment of diabetes since its inception in the early 1920s. We spoke to Charlotte Ersbøll, Corporate Vice President of Corporate Stakeholder Engagement at Novo Nordisk,to find out some of the company’s current initiatives to address the global challenge of diabetes.
  • The Three-Minute Sales Rep: Optimizing HCP Access

    Louella Morton, (Mar 19, 2015)

    Three minutes – that may be the new normal for access time that medical sales representatives have with a healthcare provider (HCP). Louella Morton of Qstream describes how brain science, mobile technology and analytics can help optimize HCP access and ignite high-performance sales teams.
  • The Route to Engagement

    Adam Hill, (Mar 17, 2015)

    Engaging better with a variety of stakeholders as the healthcare ecosystem evolves was the subject of an eyeforpharma best practice webinar in the run-up to Barcelona 2015.



  • The impact of US Healthcare reform on the patient-centric research enterprise

    eyeforpharma Ed..., (Oct 8, 2014)

    David Vulcano, AVP and Responsible Executive for Clinical Research at the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), gives his insight into how recent US healthcare policy changes have an impact on patient-physician-pharma relationships in clinical research, and discusses other relevant laws and regulations and their significance for study start-up, and for patient recruitment and retention




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